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Amazing Friendly Proffessional
I was reasonably new to vaping when I walked in to Lee vapours in gosport I have tried it before but it didn't work well. But the warm friendly sta ...»

Alastair Morris Gosport

Fantastic staff.
Just a quick message to say thanks to the wonderful staff in Gosport. It's always a pleasure to pop in and I always find them helpful, incredibly k ...»

Neil Gosport

Very good customer service
The staff in this shop are really friendly and very helpful. I was recommended them through a friend and I will now stick with them. ...»

Becky Fareham

Amazing eliquid
Alba Vapours is my favourite eliquid vendor, the flavour and quality of their elquids are the best i have tried after hopping between several diffe ...»

ricky t bristol

Very Highly Recommended
I've used Alba Vapours twice so far and on both occasions my orders were dispatched almost immediately and received the following day. The boaby ta ...»

The Duffer Sheffield

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Welcome to Lee Vapours



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The Home of Electronic Cigarettes in Hampshire

What are Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cigs?

They are a battery powered device that creates a vapour mist, much like a cigarette would. However there are no toxins released from the E-Cig like there are from cigarettes. The E-Cig comes in many different designs and styles we have researched many of them and feel the ones we offer are of the best you can find on the market. There are many copies of the original E-Cig out there. We have tried them all.

The E-Cig can be used almost anywhere, we have tested at airports, airplanes, hospitals, supermarkets and many other places.  The E-Cig doesn’t need to be lit like a cigarette, no tobacco needs to be burnt to aid your enjoyment in vaping anymore. So join the many growing users of the E-Cig and be free once again to enjoy vaping.

With the many growing laws on smoking, of which the latest is to stop parents smoking in cars with children in. Beat this ban that will happen for sure, all the rest have. Be free to vape and keep your Children safe from all the bad toxins used to make tobacco burn.

Are you new to vaping unsure what it is, please visit some of the many forums first to learn what it’s all about? Then please checkout our Starter Kits range where you will find all the best ideas to introduce you to vaping.  Already a vapour user, check out our range of units, 510, Riva, Ego, also checkout Alba Mist our range of E-juice Fruit & Sweet Flavours,E-juice Tobacco Flavours many flavours available for you to try.





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